Salt Lake City, Utah Coolant System Service and Repair

J-mac Car Care specializes in car coolant system service and maintenance. We can fix any car coolant system problem.

How we can help you with car coolant system problems:

Engine CoolantIf your car has been overheating, or if it has been a lot time since your last coolant system service, bring your vehicle to J-Mac Car Care and let the trained professionals help maintain your engine.

When we power flush your entire coolant system, we remove the rust, scale and sludge through extending the life of the hoses, water pump, heater core, thermostat, radiator and reducing the operating temperature of the cooling system. We will have you back on the road quickly, with a safe and dependable vehicle.

While you wait for your vehicle, enjoy the big screen TV, complimentary wi-fi and beverages.

Our cooling system flush includes:

  • Drain old coolant and dispose properly.
  • Add flushing agent and water, bring car up to operating temperature.
  • Change thermostat (if necessary)
  • Seperately power flush heater core, engine block, radiator and all hoses.
  • Reattach hoses, replacing clamps as necessary.
  • Add new coolant and inhibitors.
  • Pressure test system, inspect system for leaks.

In addition, we always provide you with our complimentary J-Mac Car Care maintenance inspection including; top-off your fluids, visually inspect belts for damage, tire pressure, wiper blades, lubricate chassis, exterior light check, as well as clean your front windshield for no additional cost.

Car Coolant System Purpose:

A cooling system works by sending a liquid coolant through passages in the engine block and heads. As the coolant flows through these passages, it picks up heat from the engine. The heated fluid then makes its way through a rubber hose to the radiator in the front of the car. As it flows through the thin tubes in the radiator, the hot liquid is cooled by the air stream entering the engine compartment from the grill in front of the car. Once the fluid is cooled, it returns to the engine to absorb more heat. The water pump has the job of keeping the fluid moving through the tubes.

Car Coolant System Common Problems:

Over time, your vehicle’s cooling system breaks down, dissimilar metals come under attack and are vulnerable to corrosion and erosion. Corrosion inhibitors fall out and become abrasive, plugging small passages in the radiator and aluminum, iron, solder, steel, copper and brass. Water pumps may fail through premature wear caused from solids in the coolant, and will need to be replaced.

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